Housing First

IF Group have been involved with the Housing First pilot in Bristol. Housing First is an unconditional wrap around support project. Housing first gives permanent tenancies to some of the most vulnerable homeless people in Bristol with complex needs, it is not dependent on the tenants accessing any other support. It turns the old approach of housing last, on its head, avoiding jumping through hoops of the current housing system. The idea is that clients get a stable home and then their recovery journey begins from there.

This is the first time this approach has been taken in Bristol with partners Golden Key, Bristol City Council and Liverty, with 11 clients who are in the process of obtaining their new flats in the area of their choice. It was pioneered in Canada, Finland and the USA, with successful and sustainable results for the clients, it is hoped the pilot in Bristol will bring about similar proven results.

IF have been involved since the beginning of the pilot giving service-user led experience. We have been present at all stages of the pilot, planning and execution, including giving advice to partners about how to best communicate an offer of housing to vulnerable clients.

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